December 17, 2020

Have you ever lusted to be employed as IBM executive in the 80s on the hunt for his next contract?

Well, I dream about it everyday. Travelling across small town USA shaking hands and signing paperwork for tech support contacts at the local strip clubs (or golf courses), AS/400 mainframe sales and promoting OS/2…the next big operating system (which was awesome, by the way).

My super heavy and fancy IBM Thinkpad bag from the early 1980s arrived today. I am giving her a little clean up with some leather saddle soap before I fly out to Kentucky to sell a System/370 to a local law office. My clip-on tie and pack of Marlboros are ready.

Joking aside, this bag is as heavy as my 16 year old R51. The “they don’t make them as they used to” really applies here (I have a new IBM Thinkpad bag too, it feels like a chinese sock compared to this leather beast). The bag, in excellent condition (nothing wrong with it, zero), cost me less than 10Euros total (incl shipping to Sunny Beach from Plovdiv). YAY!!