October 4, 2020

What the fuck…

…is the correlation here in Bulgaria (actually Eastern Europe) between super dumb conspiracy theory idiots and Bitcoin and Blockchain horseshit? I am seeing these low IQ people spewing lies and misinformation about all these fucking financial frauds. Are people this fucking stupid, when will the world realize (especially here) that Bitcoin (and everything associated with it) is used to swindle and steal, evade taxes, buy childporn, buy drugs (drugs are great, by the way) and Russian hookers…and for governments and corporations to shift stolen tax money around the world….that’s it…. I will go out on a limb here and say that 90% of BTC transactions are for illicit purposes. Yes…I will say that.

I just wonder how many extremely stupid people fall for this shit, it’s heartbreaking. Why is this planet so fucking stupid…and getting stupider?