October 3, 2020

Most normal households change their French soaps for the Auttumn season late October. Not here.

The changeover from Marseille summer strawberry to autumn “donkey milk” was an easy transition. We are going from fruity to milky.

(joking aside, seriously…get one of these fucking soaps…..you will never stop talking about them and they are just so wonderful and smell so nice and…as you can see…my strawberry soap lasted for months….I am not joking…do this…it’s cheap cute fun).

I was not going to brag about this.

But here we are. Our super new VIP water heater is finally installed (took 2 days because there were some issues with one of the pipes). 50% more water capacity which means 3 beer showerbaths are just around the corner.

It’s also more efficient which means more money for beers. More beers = more fun.

Behind the scenes photo.

This is my eBay haul of the TI-89 Platinum and the machine that came before the Voyage 200…the mighty Texas Instruments TI-92 Plus. They were shipped from Ontario to Winnipeg…arrived this morning. Hope to see them soon.