September 8, 2020

Nobody really knows this but we contune to kida-sorta want to buy a real adult house one day. Here is a video 4U of a house I like.

We went to see one today not too far away. But Amalia wants a bigger garden, smaller house (we literally just need a massive kitchen and one big room) and closer to sea and amenities (this home is 15 minutes from the sea and our current place (which we will never sell, ever) on the scooter. Other neighbourhood houses are barely 10-15 meters away..which is weird).

This place is in an expat neighborhood, all new, not sure if we need our own pool (don’t get me wrong, complex is great…but a little isolated) …..I guess our dream is to have a cow peering into our kitchen, restaurants a block away and people yelling all the time.

Preliminary searching started about a week ago. Neither one of us knows what we want but it looks like living in Sofia plans are dead (too far from sea, terrible air quality, snow-cold, crazy expensive).