September 7, 2020

9pm BBQ.

Eating late tonight. Anecdotally, I’ve never eaten corn this delicious in my entire life. Completely changed the idea of corn for me.

Crazy Monday fun today.

We packed the bike full of food and headed for the hills. Kosharitsa pool party was so fun. Met loads of new people and Amalia made curry and I had zero booze.

Of course his base and supporters are a band of low IQ trailer trash.

If you believe in imaginary shit in the sky (are religious) you will believe in anything this piece of shit says, no matter how absurd.

Check this link, this is really the only thing that’s is somewhat logical about trump is that he’s obviously not religious…but easily tricks his dummies that he is. Brilliant strategy, really. Controlling and extorting money from super dumb and gullible people is the only reason religion exists….Weeeeeeeeee!!!!

My friend recently said 97% of people are stupid. I always thought it was around 85%….I think he’s more right (righter?) than I am.