August 2020

Is there anything more infuriating on earth than these stupid electronic engine kill switches on your kickstand?

I understand it’s a safety feature but it won’t allow me to idle and warm up my bike (only takes a minute, but it’s important, especially in the winter) but more importantly I have to turn it off every time when I enter the front gate (padlock) and return home (again, gate isn’t automatic..too fancy for BG…we still use 16th century padlocks and keys here). Fuckin’ pain in the anus. Thankfully, the Chinese Romet scientists made it easy, all I had to do is remove the 2 phillips screws and rotate the switch 180 degrees. No need to cut fuses or wires. Nice and clean and easily reversible. I like.

Just be careful when you do this (and you really should), make sure the bike is in neutral before you press the started otherwise she will start trottin’ away and end up in the sea.

I am gonnaaaa be sooo smart soon, not joking.

Book arrived from UK yesterday. These are always marked as “used” on Amazon..but are always brand new (not a page turned).

Cost me fuckin’ 3 Pounds, yo!! I highly recommend everyone buy a graphing calculator to be cool and hip.