Living here continues to be more exciting and fun day by day.

Woke up before noon today then went to meet up some friends, have some lunch, exchange my cool new shorts, check the post office for unnecessary shit and bullshit about bullshit with no less than a dozen people in a span of about 1.5 hours. The orange machine is running and operating top-notch and cruising around the beach at 20kph in this 34-degree heat is soooo much fucking fun. Ohh….and everyone is sitting around drunk and laughing and listening to music… of the best things about BG is that NOBODY DOES ANYTHING HERE!!!! Weekend, weekday…day or night….those things don’t matter…for most people even time doesn’t matter.

Weird but I love it.

It’s early afternoon, time to park the bike and pedal over to the nearest pool bar for some early afternoon lagers + dip.