May 9, 2020

Whoa, is Google finally blocking all the crypto and “blockchain” horseshit?

There needs to be a balance between free speech and scams but in this case (since pretty much 100% of Bitcoin and blockchain fraudulent garbage…is.eerrrr..garbage) I am happy they are finally starting to block this stuff (or at least hide it from search results). Let’s hope other similar scams are next, MLMs (essential oils, weight loss shit, financial gurus, Amway etc.), chiropractors, naturopaths and all the bullshit new-wave healers. Prison for all scammers!!!

Loads of uneducated and extremely low IQ people fall for these scams here in Bulgaria and it’s heartbreaking (some turd from Burgas messaged me on Facebook not too long ago asking me to invest in some blockchain related scam a few months ago – I reported him and his operation was shut down).