May 2020

I know I have said this before….

….but, more than ever, I believe than an actual clown (Krusty?) would make a more effective leader than the orange clown who has been at the helm of a rapidly declining country. Why doesn’t anyone care? Why doesn’t the military step in and remove then imprison this evil person (yes, before he was just a joke…’s not a joke anymore….he is not only an incompetent cretin, trump is literally an evil person and his gross redneck supporters are equally complicit with division and destruction of America).

I am not even going to touch the 105,000 deaths, that blood is (at least partially) on his fucking hands.



Are seemingly never ending. The bathroom ceiling still needs a coat of paint and my outdoor den is about 80% done. IKEA should deliver my pastel LED lighting early next week.

Today I bought a new shower curtain. It’s gorgeous blue, just like my eyes.

Living in a small village is fun.

When the UPS guy called with my Amazon order yesterday afternoon I just told him that we’re having lunchtime pints at Condor bar. He dropped off the crap right onto my table. Gotta love that!!!

The kitchen store is…

where spend the most money, by far. Literally 1000$s of bucks for really fun stuff. They goods they sell here are extremely high quality (everything is super restaurant grade bulletproof) and yesterday…WE ORDERED NEW SUPER CUSTOM stainless steel bar table for the balcony. Ready in 2 weeks.