March 24, 2020


In order to get our 4AM beers we will now have to walk an extra 7 minutes to the 24 hour shop and spend 20 cents more (or the gas station which is a complete ripoff…$1 for 1/2L…YIKES).


PS. Sign says “no worky” in Bulgarian.

I guess it’s the wrong time to be in the calendar business.

Those companies are done forever. We are just relax-chillin down here and Sunny Beach is empty. Our stores are completely packed full of food and provisions, I guess everyone anticipated (as they should have) a massive flocking of tourists. Now the locals have access to enough rations to feed a million. So weird, but good. Our stores are literally packed to the brim (nothing new of fancy, just regular shit…but nobody will run out for months).

Other than our outside cats, our maintenance folks and our beloved security guy nobody comes in or out of our complex. We are really sequestered and can continue our life not seeing or having contact with barely anyone. So weird, but good.

Obviously the 100 holiday things we had planned for the summer are mostly defunct. I want to bitch about something but can’t. We have all the resources of the 1% aristocrats, a cozy apartment, a pretty beach nearby, loads of food, enough toilet paper at the stores to build a store and loads of booze. We will just continue on doing nothing. From a legal/government standpoint we are not on lock down and hopefully never will. Not enough populace to justify that plus police resources can be used elsewhere (there are checkpoints between the large cities). No infections on the coast (yet) and thankfully the people here appear to be taking everything very seriously and with great respect to one another. Nobody is fucking around with this shit here, nobody.

I can’t see us having a touristy summer here. Russians will more than likely stay home and the vast majority of complexes and businesses will remain closed. This will be devastating for this already poverty stricken corner of the world. I can’t wrap my head around it just yet. Heartbreaking.

On the flip side, this village and its ecosystem can really use a break from all of this low-end poor people shit alco-tourism. Less garbage, less pollution, less yelling and less stress.

I am building a pillow fort and will be playing on my Switch and my iPad (should be here next week) and eating Amalia’s daily treats….and doing beer shots in the shower every morning.

Wash your hands, fuckers.

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