February 5, 2020

I am getting back onto 2 motorized wheels and placing a factory order for a new “motorscooter” in March.

The 2020 model of the Polish Romet won’t be available for a few more weeks and I will own one of the very first ones off the production line.

I guess calling it a motorcycle is disingenuous, it’s more of a runabout scooter and it’s exactly what I need to cruise to the store and roam around the Bulgarian back roads, explore villages and the countryside. It took me years to figure out exactly what I want to buy. A big Honda, an off-roader or a dual purpose but insurance on these little 50cc bikes is super cheap (5 Euros/month…yes $5), they go fast enough for my needs (50/60k which is practically the limit on all the backroads in BG), I can take Amalia with me and most importantly they are incredibly affordable to buy. Plans are to buy the blue 2020 model year (over the orange, although I love the orange, too).

I will write more about the ROMET BRAND in the coming months. It’s a 65 year old Polish company that made the original folding bikes I rode in Poland (think the Bulgarian Balkan bikes we ride now) and the very original motorcycles everyone rode back in the Polish communist times. I am going super retro, slow and steady and I am so fuckin’ excited and will video and document EVERYTHING.

Another thing – these are light and nimble enough to throw on the back of the campervan on just a hitch mounted scooter rack…just imagine the possibilities.

Stay tuned.

Below is what this machine looked like in 1985.

Here is an original Polish Romet “składak”, you can clearly see the resemblance with a Bulgarian Balkan.

7 layers?

What better way to celebrate a rainy Bulgarian afternoon than an Americano-Amalia Tex-Mex style custom 7 layer dip n’ Greek chips (that coincidentally have the best alligator-logo of any product).