February 2, 2020

Even though most of our “high network capacity” equipment is on Ethernet (yes, loft is wired for Cat6)…

….I am finally playing around with the latest generation of WiFi called WiFi6/WiFi AX). Starting with my brand new PC (I will keep the WiFi off) and fiddling with the new Bluetooth 5 spec. New machine doesn’t have an internal antenna, it’s ordered today……it will be fun to do some testing in a few weeks. Thank you for reading about this exciting news.



Here is what the actual chip looks like (don’t try this on your Mac, even the latest Macbooks (even the new 16 incher) still use 10 year old AC with no finalized AX drivers in sight as of this writing.

OHHHH…this stuff is cheap cheap…you can get a decent router for less than $300 and the actual WiFi cards are about $20/each shipped. Just make sure your computer is compatible…there are different pin configurations for some.