January 18, 2020

Today’s Discord captcha completely describes my life.

I logged into Discord to get some virtualization tech support today (super technical shit I barely understand). Three guys jumped in to help in about 15 seconds, solved my problem in 20.

People are amazing.

PS. I am setting up a bare metal hypervisor at home just for the fuck of it.

I am still on a on a Canadian news and memories kick.

Vancouver has warm weather in the summer and very mild weather in the “winter”. Outside of the unpleasant rain during the “sad months”, you are rarely complaining about the temperatures. When people here in Bulgaria talk about Canada, they think cold and snow. Vancouver hasn’t gotten snow for a better part of a decade (I experienced it once ages ago). Canada, of course, gets plenty of snow in the undesirable/unlivable areas of the country – we don’t generally talk about those areas or its inhabitants.

Have a look at the photos my lifelong friend Arek took a couple of days of our old neighborhood (he still lives there). This is Vancouver’s West End today, my old fun and party area. If you’re never been, I highly recommend it, it may just change your life.

If you are wondering, a 49 year old snowfall record was broken in the capital.