January 15, 2020

Here is a quick “behind the scenes” video.

In addition to basting, you inject the chicken with coconut milk using a marinade injector (you can buy one on Amazon, buy the nice quality metal one…the plastic ones are shit). The coconut milk adds a lot of crazy sweet flavor and tenderness. This is the one type of meal where the chicken breast actually tastes good and is full of flavor. 10/10.

Victoria, BC. today. Full on wackiness!! I used to live 8 minute walk from here for almost 25 years…

can’t believe there is snow…gahhhh!!!! This is complete madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what is looks like normally.

Here is the view from our old rooftop deck. To the right is my old BBQ….we used to have some serious fuckin’ parties here. I am having a Canadian memories day today.

This is where we lived 8 years ago, way up high, floor to ceiling windows with a view of the Pacific. It’s very different from where we live today here in BG.

See the Flight Center store on the main floor, it’s where we booked our tickets out.

Living as an average person in this city costs more per month than an average *yearly* salary in Bulgaria, Ukraine or Russia.

ohh…it’s even more, way more expensive in Vancouver, in case you are curious.