January 13, 2020

New Amazon backpack makes me look like a California teenager.

Throw a Macbook and Switch in the back along with a “vape-pen”, antidepressants, manga comics, fidget spinner and I’m all set.

Also, iPhone with a cracked screen, of course.

Joking aside, it’s an Amazon Basics pack and if you really explore all of its options it’s an engineering marvel (everything is adjustable, or removeable and logically placed and fully padded)…I love it (ohhh and it was super cheap, less than 25 Pounds shipped to BG).

Ohh…and since it’s from Amazon, I am sure if something breaks 30 years from now they will ship me out a new one free of charge.

Most importantly, even though I appreciate your time, don’t you think your time is far better spent doing something other than reading my grammatically poor review of a cheap Chinese backpack? Just think about it…reflect on your life…..search within yourself.