Whoa, Iran actually admitted their crime and incompetence.

I really thought they would “Russia™” the whole event and make up countless conspiracy stories in hopes that this event would just get swept under the rug. I am guessing the overwhelming satellite, video, photo and just “common sense” evidence created some level of rationality in the Iranian leadership. It still, however, took them three days to decide whether or not they could establish plausible deniability.

The Russian government continues to deny shooting down MH17 but they don’t actually need to tell the truth as their low IQ populace is used to propaganda and “black is white, white is black” news reporting. What will come out of this, probably nothing.

PS : One thing is for sure, Russian anti aircraft systems are awesome at murdering innocent civilians. Don’t forget Korean flight 007, also shot down by Russians, idiots thought it was a US spy plane. 269 innocent people died over Soviet airspace.

PS. I also don’t want to be one sided, don’t forget what the US did. Google “USS Vincennes”.