January 10, 2020

I will try to write a few words about my little Nintendo Switch (designed for children between the ages of 8-9)

Huge Nintendo fan, huge. The 3DS I bought in Burgas a few years ago has been my favorite little console, ever.

When the original Switch came out 2+ years ago I thought it was cool but I really didn’t need it. I felt it was underpowered, only shot out 720p video and felt a little clunky-assed (the removable joy cons are weird and wobbly). I had promised myself the next gen Switch (Pro?) when it came out with hopefully an updated Tegra CPU and 4K output and hopefully fanless (I am on a huge no-moving-parts-in-your-electronics-kick-for-fuck-sakes). The Lite came out a few months ago and even though I really thought it was the right step forward, it still has the same innards and NO TV output at all, lame.

Forward a few months ahead and since my PS4 has been collecting dust for years I really wanted something fresh to fuck around with (I bought and hacked the mini Sega and mini SNES <<–super amazing fun but I wanted more). The love for my 3DS XL, strong to this day, started to gently fizzle away. Few weeks ago Nintendo released a special edition Switch Lite (Pokemon) and considering how many crazy cool games have been released in 2019 I just had to Amazon it. It was a decent bargain (240 British Pounds) and after spending $20USD/year (such a fair price, kudos to Nintendo) for Nintendo online-thing that gave me 70 vintage games (plus new ones coming out all the time), instant cloud saves, rewind feature (makes games 100% frustration-free for people with slow reaction times) + discounts…….it was a no brainer….I LOVE IT!!!!

In closing, 1000s of you know that I love felt and today my felt case arrived from glorious China. Super cheap and super nice quality and it ‘feels’ super nice (that’s a pun on felt). I’ve been playing Tecmo Bowl (football game from 1987)..it’s DOPE AF!!!

When the Nintendo Switch Pro (or whatever the fuck it will be called) comes out in 2020…it will be a day one purchase for me.

Thank you for reading my Nintendo post.

PS. The 8BITdo bluetooth controllers are awesome…but I am certain you already know that.

Sunny Beach has a new SockShop®.

Super kind lady in a plastic chair speaks perfect English and carries a wide variety of styles and sizes. At $1/pair her prices are incredibly fair. I picked up a pair of cherry themed socks for Amalia. Beautiful here today.