January 9, 2020

My amazing breakfast. Livers (with crispy onions) and a small omelette.

The Sunny Beach bistro continues to be my fave place to dine. The omelette is drenched in butter and is fluffy like a duck (I get mine filled with onion and green peppers).

The diner is almost always just local’s joint which is a shame as this place serves better food than any other restaurant around. Nothing fancy here, of course, but the food is just so expertly and tastefully prepared. They rotate through a rather small menu but whether it’s chicken in spinach, goulash, lamb soup (that you can die from flavourness) to the best tripe shkembe EVER!!!…it’s always a tongue and taste bud party!!

I have been coming here regularly (few times a week) for 6+ years and it’s a 5 star restaurant to me (the people who run it are gold).

Ordered a new PC today. Long overdue as we only have 5. 6 is a nice round number.

It’s an industrial, super high tech (in my opinion) and cool (I am talking about temperatures) and nearly silent bulletproof HP mini PC. It’s flying in from the UK and should be here in about a week. It will be my main machine.

3 year warranty…brand new….super awesome deal on eBay/sealed from HP and overly unnecessary.

I got the bare kit and now ordering a bowl of RAM (32GB for sure..but maybe 64….still shopping for Amazon deals). It will run Ubuntu and Windows 10 and set up to be accessed remotely over RDP.

I will hook it up to my 2×34 inch bitch-ass screens…..perfect machine for shitposting on this stupid blog.

I am soooo happy…I will finally have Thunderbolt 3 – machine has officially shipped.

Thank you for reading about my new computer, I really appreciate it…more to follow.