January 5, 2020

Haven’t posted any Kelly photos in some time. He’s off to Singapore and Australia for a while (on an A380, to boot).

His life is super stressful from sitting around and sitting and eating. We have taken very similar life-paths…but he’s much fancier.

I will steal some of his photos and post them here. Currently, my neighbourhood looks like something out of a horror movie (well, it does all the time but now it’s a cold horror movie).

Amalia and I need start planning another trip (Vietnam isn’t for 3 more months)…..I need to fit in at least 3 holidays before Hanoi departure (hint : we are going to rent a helicopter).

Stay tuned for many photos…especially super jealousyyyy ones from Kellyyy.

This awful gold colored styrofoam and plastic detailing on these shitty buildings in Sunny Beach make Russian people feel rich and important.

Bulgarian builders know this and add this dumb ugly shit to many buildings here on the coast. Remember, most Russians still live with a 17th century mindset. Wearing a shuba (pretty much the ugliest thing a human could wear, a fur coat) still remains a sign of wealth and social prestige. All of this is more sad than funny.

PS. Don’t forget the gold colored plastic couch in the lobby and a large painting of some grumpy dude on a horse holding a sword.