October 9, 2019

After some discussion we have confirmed this to have been the best meal we have had in Bulgaria.

The mignon (order rare..JUST RARE…not medium rare) with foie-gras and quail + the duck were INSANE….(this is about our 4th time here and last night was tops). The restaurant is called Red Canape. It’s in Varna and it’s comically inexpensive and super Western style perfect (including the service). Come early to avoid the cigarette smell, they have a loser-room but sometimes the gross smell travels onto the main room….so yeah…come before when it’s not busy. Out waitress was FUCKING AMAZING, TOO…soo friendly and kind and answered all of our questions. 5/5.

PS. Skip the tuna tartare, it’s a little too salty + it just doesn’t have that delicious tunaey kick to it. I think if they adjusted their recipe a wee bit it would be perfect. The super strong ginger sauce on the duck is a little too strong….dip the duck….don’t cover it.