I’ve grown tired of people yelling at me and saying that my cheap and old plastic toolbox makes me look poor, unmannered and a little bit gay. The Internet (and my friendly bright eyed DHL guy) brought me a brand new, made in Poland Bahco all metal box early this morning. It’s huge and awesome and I, of course, love the color. If you’re interested, Bahco goes way back to the industrial revolution (the 18th century) Sweden where the company was founded.

Don’t be stupid, read the WIKI here.

You may be aware that the modern world has been able to order from Amazon close to 20 years and I am happy to admit that I am able to slowly order just about 75% of the stuff I need. It’s nice to see Amazon finally shipping to Bulgaria, Europe’s biggest 3rd world village.

There are rumors we might even have a an Amazon fulfillment center in BG. If you have people willing to work hard for *way* less than 10$/hour….then why the fuck not take advantage of almost free labour Bulgaria provides. It would be good for the economy but it would be even better for my shipping costs.

40$ USD to ship, JUST TO SHIP this stupid thing from Sady, Poznań County, Poland (WPZ1). This is unsustainable.

This is what POZ1 looks like. Just imagine 1000+ of gloomy Polacks toiling about for 10 hours a day for next to no money.

Below is one of the reviews :

“I worked in this company for over two years, I was not working anymore, I was dismissed for “not making norms”. Leaders of teams and their subordinates are heading to places where space is lacking or you can not cope, the whole amazon is constructed in such a way to withstand max 3 years …
The plant has an unpleasant atmosphere, mobbing, prohibiting going to the toilet during work, intimidating disciplinary dismissal, missing lunch on work breaks as in prison.”

“If you desperately need work, even at the expense of your own health, you like when a moron without school clings to the fact that you go to the toilet, and a milk bar you consider a good restaurant – amazon is the place for you.”

Now I’m sad.