Stop buying water in plastic jugs, you dumbfucks.

Water in Bulgaria, especially in SB is great, cheap and tasty. Why do I continue on seeing people shuttling water in plastic jugs from the shop for no reason at all is incredibly perplexing.

  • you are buying water in a shitty plastic, bad for you, jug.
  • you are buying water that may have been sitting on the back of a truck or out in the sun for months.
  • you are paying 100x more for this shitty water than what you pay for delicious, government tested, tap water.
  • you are wasting time and effort carrying this shit like a fuckin dumbass back to your apartment/hotel. Yes, I am laughing at you when I see you, because you’re obviously dumb as a piece of wood.
  • do I have to tell you how environmentally damaging this shit water is? It’s in a fucking plastic jug, you stupid. It needs to be trucked across the country for no reason at all (well, because you’re dumb and keep buying it). Garbage containers are filled with this shit and take up space for no reason at all (well, because you are stupid, that’s why).
  • in most vast majority of cases you’re buying tap water anyway, but now it’s in a plastic jug made from chemically shitty shit.

Don’t be a dumb fuck, drink tap water…not water from a shitty plastic jug.