August 31, 2019

Why is life always such an uphill struggle?

Trying to figure out BBQ fittings, hose sizes, proper regulators and all the little fucking adapters (not just thread patterns, but they also screw counterclockwise just to be dicks). I was able to finally find all the shit I need locally for 8 bucks (those capitalist fucks at Weber, bless their hearts, charge 99 £ plus 18 £ shipping to the motherland) for a kit to allow me to use a proper propane tank (from the van, we have 3) instead of their ( those capitalist fucks at Weber, bless their hearts, charge 9 British Pounds, plus 6 £ shipping for a tiny-ass non-refillable propane tank that lasts exactly 1 hour).

So I now have a tank that will last a season (costs 10 € to fill at a gas station nearby)!!!

The shittiest fucking thing is that the LPG tank is a different shade of green (a bit darker) than the walls of the balcony. Everything has to color match, we’re not animals.

So now I am struggling to paint it a nice neon green with crappy bargain basement Italian spray paint in a category 6 windstorm. FML.