Crazy awesome news (along with the CRAZY fact that Microsoft is currently working on a new version of FS <<<----- BONKERS).

I am sure all of you have played Gunship on any of the computer platforms of the 80s and 90s. The Commodore 64 version was especially joyful to me. I must have played at least 1500 sorties in this game when I was a teen, tightly clenching my Atari joystick while simultaneously tapping the button to fire FFAR rockets at Russian infantry and BMPs. The 3D graphics and flight controls were truly out of this world. It looks like the original team from Micro Prose is working on a complete re-release of the game in modern form.

This company has quite the pedigree.

PS. I am already shopping on for a HOTAS, but don’t tell Amalia.