Everything in Eastern Europe is a scam or a fraud. Pretty much everything. At least my new “Nike” shoes aren’t…..just kidding – best 16€ I’ve ever spent!!!!!!!

Western counterfeit clothing is all people can afford here. You will almost never see a Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian or Ukrainian with real name brand anything, ever. Who can afford a pair of Levi’s for $250 here?

Most of this stuff comes from Turkish sweatshops and gets through the border via Bulgarian/Russian mafia with bribes and other means. Police/government look the other way, of course, everyone gets paid.

There is barely any legitimate clothing in most parts of BG. Even the malls, even online, it’s all shit.

16 € , no complaints, they are as soft as Costco toilet paper and just as disposable.

What is is more exciting than a Birthday and Christmas COMBINED?

The release day of a freshly minted Raspberry Pi, and of course.

Pi4 released early today with absolute monster specs. Already sold out since I didn’t get out of bed till 2PM but I should be able to sleuth one from on of the Pi shops in the UK hopefully later today. Can’t get my fat sausage fingers on one ASAP. I’m gonna hook it up to my fancy new TV (you know we have a wacky 4K HDR 75 inch TV, eh?). I’ll install Raspbian and setup a Plex server for Amalia (USB 3 support on this thing finally + SSD means…zero moving parts, not even a fan) , a RetroPie for all my old 80s game emulation (apparently the new CPU can finally emulate N64 games with ease). And maybe try out the new Kodi.

Gigabit Ethernet FINALLY. I’ll put my brand new (super cool) Mikrotik router to good use. I love this shit.

I’ll post more once it arrives.