If you want to completely transform your Internet browsing experience have a look at what these guys are doing.

Check out this URL (https://my.nextdns.io) and try out this service (it’s currently free in beta, will be super cheap once everything is finalized). It’s essentially PI-HOLE in the cloud, it removes all the Russian/Ukrainian/Romanian (and Chinese) shit (98% of anything that comes across your network from these countries are scams/malware/fraud/theft/phishing). Disables trackers, malvertising, and ads (and other stuff). The UI is super easy to use even if you’re not knowledgeable on how networking/Internet works. Best of all it that disables all the North American AD networks which have pretty much ruined everything….yes, everything.

You can set this up on your router or ‘by device’, it’s fucking’ incredible. Highly recommend it…..it will make your Internet experience 100000X better (and unlike PI-HOLE, you don’t need to setup a Raspberry Pi, have any Linux knowledge, or install any software). DOOO IT!!