I literally and figuratively “dusted off” my PS4. Haven’t really touched the stupid thing since last year but since it’s been raining, I have really nothing else to do.

I bought the new Lara Croft game and after about 30 minutes in I was so fucking bored that my body started to cease up from monotony. Since this original PS4 machine has always been noisy I thought to myself why don’t I take the fucking thing apart, clean it, and see what really makes it tick. I spray-aired everything inside (especially the fan) wiped everything down and replaced the thermal paste with an ArcticSilver knockoff I bought on eBay a few months ago for a dollar. I couldn’t believe how truly complicated the process was, perhaps complicated is a strong word – it was definitely tedious and boring and considering that the heat-sink (and replacing the paste) **should** be a quick task….the process was needlessly time consuming (probably 50 fucking screws to reach the mainboard).

Did I achieve anything in the end (except 2 extra screws after reassembly)…YES…a resounding yes…the stupid box if far gentler on the ears as the fan doesn’t have to work quite as laboriously.