Bought a couple of vintage Bulgarian books from an old timer in Bulgaria for about 5$ shipped..

I still don’t understand how shipping works in this country. It’s as high tech and fast as can be (almost always overnight), super computerized and I can pay with my CC…the weirdest thing is the cost. How the heck can they ship 6KG of stuff from the capital 450K away for around $2.30 cents.

So, these computer books are from the 70s and late 80s and cover things like C programming, IBM hardware troubleshooting stuff and I even got a book on super low level assembly language (think embedded systems back in the days). What I found fascinating as I skimmed through them is how English they really have to be be as most of the technology/commands/libraries/compilers (even certain mathematical terms) were developed by engineers from the West. Tossing the pages through a highly technical Bulgarian book in Cyrillic blended with a somewhat familiar (to me) computer jargon is kinda neat.

Imagine a Swedish person learning from an airplane flight manual written in Japanese Kanji. Not the best analogy but you know what the fuck I’m talking about.

This is the triangle of hope.

Mladost for some wines and beer + tomatoes are now in season.

Chicken guy for my morning rotisserie and a side of chicken fat.

Serbian bread, freshly kneaded and grilled that is so good that crying in unavoidable.