April 8, 2019

Just a quick recap.

I still have a bunch of photos from the madness that was our Netherlands trip, the moment I find a little bit of time I will post them. For people who do absolutely nothing we have been rather busy. Sunny Beach is such a joy this time of the year. Lots of new renovations, new complexes and restaurants. When I say things are ‘abuzz’, I really mean it. We have been spending our days biking around, eating everything and drinking cheap wine straight from the bottle like hobos. Our friends from Rotterdam arrived a few days ago and they are super cool and modern and ‘western style’. A far departure from your average Sunny Beach local or frumpy Russian tourist from the 17th century. The guys had planned on taking photos and getting some video footage of Sunny Beach and its winter inhabitants and at this point it looks like a fun little project focused on a couple of crazy Canadians and their ‘hectic life’. Exciting. Will post more info as it becomes available.

We have so much shit planned this summer that even doing a point form post would take hours. 7 countries booked for this year + looks like we’re doing a trip to Africa early next year then Vietnam.

Amalia is flying to Northern France to meet her Mom and eat oysters in a couple of weeks, I will be here feeding the cats and doing nothing. The pope is coming on the 6th of May, obviously can’t miss the comedic shitshow. Excited for the photo opportunities and dumb conversations. Thoughts and prayers that I don’t punch some dumb bigot in the snout.

I will be flying to Paris right after for a few days to regroup with Amalia/Mom, then we’re going to meet up with WHL in the Cotswolds (visiting Birmingham, too) to do another castle/pub/village hike and jump on our canal boat. Fuckin’ hell, we’re doing a canal tour in our own fuckin’ boat across the UK. Fuckin’ hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that??

I need to stop drinking wine straight from the bottle.