​What an incredibly fun Monday it was.

It almost hit 20 degrees and after waking up at noon I biked around the neighborhood and did my rounds of chatting with no less than 20 of the locals who were out in full force drinking beers in the sun and gallivanting needlessly. Picked up some beers then visited my buddy Donald who greeted me at the hotel he owns with a jug of homemade wine and thinly sliced raw bacon – bliss.
Picked up some groceries for Amalia’s Kavarma then swiftly went back to the sand to drink a few more lagers and…… ARCHERY? IMG_1468.JPG
Shot a crossbow for the very first time today and did very well, very well indeed.
Another hot today tomorrow. Going to visit Rado at his village home to bullshit and drink his homemade beer and hopefully listen to his son play the piano.
Sunny Beach Summer 2019 is slowly inching in…..and I am soooo fucking happy about that.