Shit like this really pisses me off.

Stupid short sighted government regulations stupidly implemented. This stupid contraption probably costs 10 grand, requires yearly maintenance and servicing, takes up space and looks like shit.

I see this dumb shit everywhere…and do you think this shit is even used once a year?

I doubt it…

I hope they are getting the Trump prison cell ready.

  • Russia didn’t interfere in the election.
  • OK, they interfered, but there were no contacts between Russia and the Trump Campaign.
  • OK, there were contacts, but Trump didn’t have any deals with Russia.
  • OK, Trump had deals with Russia, but it’s not like there were meetings with Russian intelligence agents.
  • OK, There were meetings with Russian intelligence agents, but Trump didn’t know about them.
  • OK, Trump knew, but nothing came of them, so there was no collusion.
  • OK, some people in the campaign colluded, but Trump specifically didn’t collude. <– We¬†are here.
  • OK, Trump colluded, but if he didn’t Hillary would have won, so it’s good that he did.