January 7, 2019

Ever wonder what a Bulgarian grocery trip looks like?

We never take the van out unless going on a fun trip but today was far too cold to take the bikes to grab the essentials and a few treats.

Picked some heavy stuff such as cat food, litter, soda water, some beers (including some “fancier” ones), bought some sushi stuff for tomorrow’s party, a big rack of ribs, loads of spices, couple of nice cheeses, caviar, candied salmon and even a Kilogram of Greek octopus.  If you are curious, a load like this costs just over 200 Bulgarian Leva (just over 100€) at the huge supermarket (Janet) in Sunny Beach.  This is considered the least expensive store to purchase groceries in our area.

So yeah….Bulgarian groceries remain to be an incredible bargain and after some quick calculations buying this much goodies would cost at least double at a store in Vancouver.

500 Grams of Prosciutto costs less than 4€, something that would cost 4X (at least) in Canada.  The beer alone would have cost about 50$, cat food 30$+ (most of the beer and cat food we bought isn’t in this photo).

Thank you for reading this post.