DNS always comes up at drunken beach bar conversations…

…and I feel that I need to brush up on the subject so I don’t appear stupid.

Ohh…as an eBay aficionado I highly recommend “worldofbooks08” if you are looking for used and cheap stuff to read.  They are in the UK and have practically everything (especially if you are looking for tech stuff).  If you can wrap your head around this…these guys have sold more than 1.3 million books online.  I have been buying tomes from them for years and you can easily buy a $60 (used and not super current…but who cares)…computer books for $6…including DHL shipping to your door.

Fuckin’ amazing.

PS. There have been some super interesting computer history/retro tech books popping up on Amazon lately for less than 10 ‎£ , I have a bunch now and I love them….drunk reading is my new “thing”.