December 21, 2018

The anti-vaxx movement is my favorite form of population control. The more dumb people get sick and die…the better.


This, along with all the Brexit racist shit + all the dumb Trump (racist) shit + all the climate change denier shit + all the right wing conservative nonsense just confuses my brain to no end.

+ people still think the bible is real and believe there is an imaginary person flying around in the clouds.

I have given up on humanity years ago as we’ve reached a flood of choking ignorance…a tipping point of cretinism and stupidity….I believe, a point of no return.

Humans don’t deserve this planet, they don’t deserve anything.


4 flats in as many months.

Sunny Beach is full of garbage and broken shit so that’s not a surprise that I am getting so many flats.  I bought some butter tubes on Amazon and this fancy slice-proof tape you are supposed to line the tire with in order to prevent punctures.

Thank you for reading this gripping and informative post.