December 17, 2018

So, as you know I run an air quality sensor on my balcony.

Sunny Beach today is at 2µg/m and Sofia is at 95µg/m.  In addition to extreme poverty, smoking (attributed to ignorance and lack of education), poor quality health care and schooling and this – some of the worst air quality on the planet is why people die more than 10 years sooner than people in 1st world countries.  There is no such thing as retirement here, you simply die on the side of the road while walking to or from your shitty job in your mid 50s.

A child born in this country today (if unable to escape into the modern world) will, with almost undeniable certainty, live an existence of work, poverty and have-nots.

Think about how fucking depressing that is.

Having kids in this region is borderline criminal… my opinion, of course.