I finally have my dream bag. It’s hand made from 100% camel skin (the camel died from natural causes).

I’ve been dreaming of owning a hand made leather laptop bag for years. When I saw one I was perfect it was when we were visiting Kelly in the Cotswolds. The problem was that it was just a bit too expensive (more than 200£) and machine made. I decided to buy it a year later (last year) but strangely the shop didn’t have any in stock, super sad I was.

Drunkerly roaming the leather/tannery district late at night and I finally saw this gem and started negotiating.

Leather guy : 850 (which is about €85, a fucking bargain).

Matthew : how about 250

Leather guy : no way dawg, how about 750, final price.

Matthew : slurred voice, how about 250, sir.

Leather guy : you’re terrible at negotiating, I like you. You can have the bag 600, absolute final price.

Matthew : 250 sounds like a great price for a gelreat bag.

Leather guy : you’re a poor negotiator, best I can do is 500. Take it or leave it.

Matthew : yes, it appears that my negotiating skills are poor. How does 250 sound and we can move on with our lives.

Leather guy : ok, 250.


Also bought a cow leather pouffe for the cats.

Morroco may possibly be the most magical place on earth…