October 2018

My Sunday.

I jump on my bike and b-line it to the beach in the 26 degree weather and spot 3 fellas enjoying themselves with some beers and banter.  I join in, naturally.

The coolest bunch of guys (of course, it’s Bulgaria), we spend having some serious drunken ‘bro’ conversations then the beer runs out.

One of the guys presses a button on his keychain remote and a moment later the huge security doors to the supermarket (that’s normally closed during the “winter”) right next to the beach open.

“Grab whatever the fuck you want….that’s my shop, bitches, he screams……and of course we do”.

My diet today consists 100% of Bulgarian lagers and FerreroRoche chocolate balls.


Hey, Amazon finally brought me the WHOLE collection of Tytus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tytus, Romek i Atomek were a series of comic books that I read while growing up in Poland and since the originals are highly collectible (and VERY expensive – I own 2 of them, very original prints, in color, I bought from a dude in Poland on eBay) there has been a reprint of all the books and sold in a big 25 book box.

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo fuckin’ happy to dive into some silly adventures and brush up on my Polish (Amalia is gonna read them with me).

(want to know how Tytus makes money? He owns a wristwatch mine – yes, he mines wristwatches, bands and all and resells them at the local market….why didn’t I think of this?)

Naturally, when faced with emergency situations, they travel in a flying bathtub.

Have a look at the WIKI HERE and                 Thank you for reading this blog post.


I’m just outside of stunning Kableshkovo.

This town is a hub for high level Bulgarian education and is filled with universities. University of selling real estate to poor Russians, University of cigarette smoking, University of working in the service industry at dirty restaurants and it’s also home of the International University of being a security guard. This thriving metropolis has it all.