September 2018

We leave for North Africa in exactly 60 days + + + + +

+ + + + + …I am in the preliminary stages of trying to convince Amalia to book our flights to Spain.  Barcelona in the fall is a must, she has never seen Sagrada Família in real life and that makes me very sad.

Plus I am craving some cheap-ass supermarket sangria!!!!!!!!!!


Did you know that we have booked a boat for next May?

Did you know that we are going to be exploring the inland waterways of the United Kingdom and I have been made the official lockmaster?  This means I will be responsible for opening and closing the canal locks as we go along, how fucking cool is that?

We will also be visiting at least 2 pubs along the way….Larkin is coming, which means we will have a dog to pet.

Additionally, we are doing another huge Cotswolds hike and exploring more villages along the way.

Life is about doing everything….I must do everything!!!!!!!!!!!

CLICK HERE and be jealous…..