August 29, 2018

I got my tire replaced because I don’t like manual labor + I am very arm-weak.

I biked to the tire shop across Sunny Beach and proceeded to explain the super friendly tire-man the troubles I am going through and with a smile on his face he promised to help.  He packed a huge jack and some other assorted tire-tools, I jumped into his VW Golf and we sped away across Sunny Beach like a coupe of drunken teenagers.

He lifted the van, undid the bolts as easily as one should shake a cat’s foot, replaced the broken tire with an air-filled one (my old spare) with NASA like finesse.  We drove back to his shop 45 minutes later and he politely asked for 5 Euros (five dollars – approx.)…….or essentially the cost of a good sized fresh cabbage.

I love living in a country where money has to meaning to anyone…..I would have easily and very happily paid him 50 Euros and not blink an eye…50 Euros would have been extremely fair..

What a weird place Bulgaria is, still doesn’t make any fuckin’ sense to me…nobody cares about anything.