August 4, 2018

Gripping story about our air-conditioner.

So we bought this super fancy air-conditioner not long ago and it wasn’t cheap. Since day one and even after a couple technician visits it never really worked quite right. Decided to change companies and found new expert who after doing a full cleaning and maintenance confirmed our greatest fears, the machine was fucked straight out of the factory and needed a new motor and logic board. They were able to wrestle with Daikin and get the replacement parts for us free of charge and after a very fair and nominal labour fee we are cool like cucumbers.

Ohh and in the process we bought one of those redneck portable air conditioning units for upstairs and it has really made a huge difference in the loft space.

It’s been really fucking hot outside, just unbearable….we’re ‘living’ at night once again and trying to sleep during the day…..well, trying…soo much fun happening around here.