I can say with complete confidence that my computer (well, Windows 10) is finally working PERFECTLY.

With the latest Creator’s Update, Microsoft has really ironed out all the weird and strange things that have been bugging me over the last year.  Dare I say, everything is perfect? Things work extremely smoothly and with all of my data on the cloud worrying about my stuff is no longer an issue.  Office365 is great and even OneDrive has been nicely ironed out.  I feel extremely content and with MacOS being abandonware at this point (I actually think that Apple will no longer provide any future serious updates to their shitty MacOS….god, it’s AWFUL) and Linux being really crappy on the desktop (awesome for everything else, of course)….Windows 10 is really the only choice now…..there is really no OS competition anymore.

I’m a huge supporter of Microsoft software, Azure, Office and especially their development tools…..nobody even comes close.

Here is some info, I am running this now…..it’s only a few days away for general consumption.


Thank you for reading.