August 2010

Photoshop for iPhone. Whoa, the stuff you can do.

My funky chicken dinner.



The lack of cheese made them taste a little “lacking”.

Mile Zero sunset.

Breakfast bagels.

Real Montreal bagel (from Montreal), some fresh lox, a tiny bit of mayo, capers, sun dried and fresh tomatoes.  Breakfast of champions.

Scallop and negitoro cones.

Negitoro rolls, cucumber/tuna/avocado rolls…..etc.

Amalia even made these crazy cucumber rolled awesome-rolls.

Rice paper rolls.

Avocado, grilled sole (got yo use the George Foreman Grill), cucumber, spicy sauce, green onion, fish roe, soy sauce, mayo all wrapped up in rice paper. Whooooop.

Rockin’ the BBQ eel nigiri.

Cucumber salad.

Cucumber, rice wine vinegar and some other stuff.

Palette cleansing.

Spicy Dip.

Flying fish roe, Japanese mayo, chili sauce, daikon horseradish.

Spicy tuna salad.

Raw tuna, green onion, radish, chili paste, lettuce, sesame oil.