July 15, 2010

Stocking up for the weekend.

Strongbow + gin @Big Bad Johns.

Tracklist for the new Psy mix…if anyone cares.

chewy – 144

1.   Poison (Astrix)
2.   Follow Me (Astrix)
3.   Ultrabizzy (Ultravoice VS Bizzare Contact)
4.   A team (Wrecked Machines versus GMS versus Pixel)
5.   The First Revelation (Astrix)
6.   Virgo (Talamasca)
7.   Psychedelic Emotion (Melicia VS D) (Fatali vs Bizzare Contact)
8.   Techmology V3 (Rinkadink)
9.   Temporary Insanity (Xerox & Illuminaton)

Here is the download link again.

More Hernandez snackin’.

They have a fancy mexy-name for this dish but it currently escapes me.  It’s a crispy and super delicious ‘tray’ of soft taco with rice, meats, sour cream, spicy salsa with an armful of unnecessary grasses on top.  This concoction just isn’t as tasty as the little tacos for $5.  I’m going to try everything off their menu in the upcoming weeks.  Bored of Foo I am, bored.