July 11, 2010



My veggie burger @Fernwood Inn.

SPAIN takes the world cup.


Watched the final at James’s place, can’t imagine a more fun atmosphere.

The final result.

Nothing too extreme.  I bought a whole organic chicken, cut her up really nice, marinated her in some sweet and sour and hoisin sauce then tossed her on the BBQ.  Grilled up a load of onions and about four different types of mushrooms, sprinkled some salt, pepper and all the left over tarragon I had.  At the end I chopped up a zucchini the size of my arm and mixed it all up.  Very hardy and VERY TASTY!!

The BBQ on the roof is great.

Never ending propane, no need to clean anything and the view is to die for. I’ve been using it pretty much daily and just realized that there is even a sweet bathroom up there.