July 9, 2010

I have been on the fence regarding Soundwave.

At this point decided %100 not to go.  The lineup was released a while ago and I cannot find ONE person I want to see play.  Walking back and fourth with a case of beer, having meaningless conversations with people I don’t like, wasting a bunch of money and a summer weekend is something I am not prepared to do.  I had a fun time there last year but now I’ve pretty much closed that chapter of my life.

I will use my Soundwave money and take the Koho over to the US and go on a mini road trip.  I’ve never been to the Olympic National park nor have I ever driven down the sunny Oregon coast.  I’ll bring my fancy camping gear and sleep on the beach, cruise through the little coastal towns and drive south as far as time (and money) allows. I would be stoked to go to Astoria and maybe even as far as Tillamook Bay, we’ll see.

Aaaaaaaaand we’re done.

I had breakfast chili this morning.

Spicy and fun.