July 5, 2010

Beautiful evening.

Dinner time.

No matter how hungry he gets, no matter how much he yells and begs there is ABSOLUTELY no possibility of him even remotely touching this plate of food, ever.

After a brief second of squishing the above is instantly devoured.

Trying to view an innocent PDF file…..

The free Acrobat viewer presented me with 5 different screens.

1.  There is a free update to Reader, click OK.

2. Do you want to download update now, click OK.

3. Adobe download manager is about to start, click OK to continue.

4. After downloading a 60MB ‘patch’ (keep in mind this program does nothing more than view ONE type of a very simple file format) another dialogue box comes up saying : Adobe Acrobat update completed, click OK.

5. Then this screen below asking me to REBOOT my computer to finish the install.

At this point the PDF file is still unopened and I must close all my programs and shut down to do so.  WTF??

PS.  Let’s not forget that it also places two unwanted icons on my desktop, one for the program itself and a shortcut to adobe.com (all without asking).

I don’t understand…..

….the purpose of dragging a huge and heavy rug from the kitchen to the bedroom during a covert operation in the middle of the night. Is this some type of a “show of strength” incident? I’m ill prepared for a conflict.