July 4, 2010

The Summer Bummer may finally be behind us.

One person’s review of the 2000 Dom Perignon.

Vintage 2000
Fresh, crystalline, and sharp, the first nose unveils an unusual dimension, an aquatic vegetal world with secret touches of white pepper and gardenia. The wine then reveals airy, gentle richness before exhaling peaty scents.
On the palate, the attack bursts forth, and matures into a sensual fullness that winds around itself, like a tendril of foliage. Notes of aniseed and dried ginger linger on the skin of fruit (pear and mango), more textured than ripe. The finish gradually unfurls and then settles, smooth, mellow, all-encompassing.
An indefinable je ne sais quoi, never upsetting the integrity of the wine, has worked its charm.
Richard Geoffroy, Dom Perignon Chef de Cave

This is the BIGGEST bunch of crock I have ever heard.

Here is the wiki page for more info.

The Hush float.

Happy Gay-Day.

The biggest gay parade in Victoria ever, great people watching.

Lobby party@Juliet.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The hilariousness of my life.

It’s 2:30AM and I’m drinking a 10 year old bottle of Dom Perignon in my lobby.

PS.  The stuff tastes like very fizzy, somewhat dry and very bland alcoholic fluid.  I believe this is my 1st time consuming this overpriced and overhyped refreshment, I also hope it’s my last.


What’s funny is that I just realized I threw a club night called Transition more than 7 years ago.

Mixed feelings so far.

Really bad programming, good tracks but mixed in a really odd way. Zero flow. Great crowd.