June 26, 2010



This dude grabs three unwashed potatoes, chops them through the filthiest tater-cutter imaginable then dips them in oil 3 years young.

OMG, this picture does nothing to illustrate their beauty. A pinch of salt and I’m in love.

Port Renfrew roadside delight of the day.

Decisions decisions.

Welcome to my bathroom.

Sun x 2.


Beer frisbee.

Another ridiculous game involving beer cans, beer drinking, Frisbee tossing and falling over.

A game of moose.

I need to explain later.

This was my camping crew and our site was in the middle of all the action.  For some weird reason I was the only person allowed to bring their car on site making me the only person with music and power to charge up things for people.


Lunchtime Jack Daniels shots!!!

USA vs Ghana.

USA is going down. Buhhhbye.

More fish.


It’s breakfast + football time.

Watch out for kayakers.

My site!!