June 21, 2010

A couple words on the new ios4.0 iPhone upgrade.

Very disappointed once again, another huge Apple milestone update with absolutely nothing new.  The UI is still exactly the same as it was 4 years ago, they have added folders (whoopiee) and the ability to “multitask” applications.  The multitasking is bullshit as it needs to be supported by the app and more importantly doesn’t truly allow the app to run in the background, it’s more of app switcher scam.  One of my favorite features of the old OS was this little hack that allowed you to quickly double click on the home button to invoke the camera, it’s now gone as the double clicking is reserved for the fake multitasking function.  Ohh, they’ve also added a software digital zoom, it’s just terrible, terrible, terrible (as ALL digital zooms are).

There you have it, nothing new!

And as I mentioned before, the only new feature I am looking forward to in the new phone is the higher resolution camera and the flash, that’s it.  Is it worth the $600 upgrade? Matthew doesn’t think so.

I’m going to seriously start looking at other platforms, the iPhone, it’s technology and features are really starting to look dated.