March 30, 2009

Rick Wagoner's retirement package, around $20,000,000.

Looks like the Hummer brand will be nuked/sold fairly quickly. Perhaps even this week. There is only one Hummer, the original military H1. The other two, the H2/H3 are just junky ol’ GM pick up trucks with new bodies. Somebody should hack into the OnStar system and electronically disable all of these ugly fucking things.

The following is some dude’s post on one of the auto industry blogs, I couldn’t agree with him more.

“Seriously though. Kill the brand. Kill all the soccer mom mobiles. Bring back the H1, in very very limited quantities for people who actually drive off the road on a regular basis. The H1 was badass. The others were suburban poser mobiles for business majors, accountants, and gangsters. Laaammmmeeee.”

Awesome day today.

After a weekend of superfun, my neighbour and I spent a day hiking around Lynn Canyon. This whole place is spectacular, a suspension bridge, cool little forest paths and a river. Beautiful sunny day…….summer is just around the corner.